Design Contest

Welcome to the Design Contest!

"This area is dedicated to showcasing designs submitted by our visitors. "

How it works:                                    

First, submit a drawing, picture, sketch, etc. to  Entries are collected and posted together the following month.

Second, visitors go to the "View & Vote"page to see each month's entries and vote for their favorite.  You can only vote once per month, so choose carefully.

Third, at the end of each month all entries that receive 250 votes or more get to be named by the person who submitted them and are eligible to go through our design process and be made available to order.

Finally, the design with the most votes for the month (after meeting the 250 vote minimum) not only gets to be named and made available to order, but the designer receives 10% of the blade's selling price as credit on our sight each time their design is ordered!


So if you've ever wanted the chance to see your idea for a blade come to life...Enter a Design now!


All designs submitted become property of Grindstone Armory