Enter A Design

So you'd like to enter a design?  Great!  Here's how to do it...

First:  Make a drawing, a sketch, take a picture, anything..    

Second:  Submit it to the link below with your name, e-mail address, a brief description of the blade "as you envision it" and a preliminary name for the blade.  ( You can change or refine the name if you hit the 250 vote mark or you are the winner for your month. )

Third:  If your design receives 250 votes or more, or you are the winner for the month you will be contacted by e-mail for a finalized name and a more detailed description of your design.

Finally:  If you are a monthly winner, we will set up an account for you at Grindstone Armory, each time your design is ordered we will add 10% of the blades selling price to your account for you to use  towards the purchase of anything from our sight, including Custom Design work!


It's that simple!  So here's your chance to see the blade you've always dreamed of come to life.  Best of luck!


Submit entries to:  contact@grindstonearmory.com


All designs submitted become property of Grindstone Armory