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Test Run Sale!

As we improve design features and manufacturing techniques we make test runs to evaluate these improvements.  The blades are always made from the same alloy, but the other component materials, assembly styles or polishing techniques may vary.  These blades may have a small visual blemish or simply be an older assembly style, but they still look great and are as solid and tough as the newest models.  However, being as they are test runs, we are selling them way below cost!  They even come with the same warranty as the newest models!

There are limited numbers of each model, so please e-mail us to be sure the model you want is still available!

As always, free shipping within the continental USA!

2J Special  $200  (0 available)

Arc Special  $200  (1 available)

Baton Razor Special  $200  (1 available)

Sweep bowie Special  $85  (1 available)

Long Wave Special  $250  (1 available)

Matador Special  $85  (1 available)

Samurai III Special  $200  (0 available)

Vampire Dagger Special  $125  (0 available)