Welcome to Grindstone Armory!      

Custom Swords, Knives, Axes and more...


"Old world quality...New world technology" What does this mean?  Simply put, it means old fashion, hands on fabrication using today's new, high tech materials.

Grindstone Armory's blades are hand

ground, hand polished and hand fitted

for a unique look and a quality feel.


Our focus is on the styling of the whole blade, not simply

decorative scabbards and handles.  We strive to produce

blades that you will want to show off from tip to pommel.

Our blades are ment for more then

just display, they may look striking

hanging on a wall, but they are

very tough and can easily handle

daily practice, cutting exercises,

stage use and reenactments.








So how tough is "tough"?  We'll show you!  Take a look at our torture test video.

Check out the "Gallery" for blades that are ready to order, and take a look at the "Coming Soon" page to see blades that are on their way.  Grindstone Armory has over 300 different blades between those ready for production and those still on the drawing board, so check back often to see what is new! 

If you want to try your hand at designing your own blade check out our "Custom Design" and "Design Contest" pages for more details.



Our blades are warrantied to be free from defects in materials and are guarantied to stand up to heavy daily use without chipping the edges or breaking.  No blade is indestructible!  Edge on edge contact can cause marks in any manufacturer's blade.  Abusing a blade can also cause marks and other types of damage.  Please use blades properly and be aware of your surroundings!

If your blade does become damaged, send us a photo of the damage and a description of the activities that lead to the damage so we can make design improvements if needed.  If the damage occured as a result of normal daily use we will repair or replace the blade free of charge, you simply cover shipping.  It's that simple!